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Does your converting line need an upgrade?
25 October 2010
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Regardless of your process we have a wide range of products which can help give your line a new lease on life.

Tension Control Equipment

Does your line produce:

  • Telescoped Rolls
  • Crushed Rolls or Cores
  • Poor Roll Geometry
  • Stretched or Creased Product

Any of these problems can be resolved by upgrading a machine’s tension control equipment. While most new machines include computerised tension control, older equipment may often rely on manual operator adjustment.

Montalvo’s world leading range of Tension Control Equipment is designed to resolve tension related issues, giving operators total control over output quality. Montalvo systems are highly versatile and can be easily retrofitted to almost any moving web application.

Slitting Systems

Helios knife systems are PLC based, can be programmed to remember a number of standard knife settings and will automatically reset to the next cutting pattern while the next roll of material is being loaded on the unwind. Easily retrofittable to existing lines, these systems can dramatically increase productivity and output.

With a proven history of excellence in engineering and innovative design, Helios now supply most of the knife systems used in the European market.

Web and Edge Guiding

Technologically advanced and simple in operation, AccuWeb edge detectors automatically recalibrate for every condition, every second of every day, resulting in an exact web guide that’s accurate and reliable – every time. Utilising a proprietary compensation technology, Accuweb’s self-calibrating edge detectors accommodate for environmental changes, web process changes and web process contaminants without the added mechanical tooling that quickly becomes prone to repair.

Inline Flexographic Printers

The Giugni printer range allows you to print in one or more colours on poly films, foils and other substrates both inline and offline. Either motorised or web driven, Giugni print units are supplied complete with all necessary components for easy installation, including ink feeding and recirculating system, pump and connection pipes.

Centreline Guiding
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