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Bimec: high-speed narrow-web slitting
26 October 2010
In recent months Web Dynamics have installed three Bimec slitter rewinders specifically for high-speed narrow-web production.

10 and 20mm widths are regularly being converted across the Bimec range at maximum speeds up to 700m/min.

These results can be credited to Bimec's advanced engineering and software design and the versatility of IES differential rewind shafts.

Bimec continue to be the converter's choice with 6-machines installed locally in the past 12-months for flexible packaging and general converting.

...made possible with IES differential shafts

Web Dynamics offer IES differential rewind shafts for new installations or to retrofit to existing equipment.

This style of differential shaft has become the industry standard, fast replacing traditional spacer/core type shafts. Cores can be placed at any point and are immediately locked when the core is rotated. This dramatically reduces machine down-time and make-ready.

In the past 5 years all Bimec slitter installations in Australia/New Zealand have incorporated IES differential rewind shafts.

IES differential shafts can often be retrofitted to existing machines with minimal modification.

Differential shafts offer unprecedented control of tension without problems associated with dust or core consistency and also allow for rolls of different widths to be wound on the same spindle.

IES differential shafts are available for core IDs of 45mm to 152.4mm and can be fitted with custom made steel journals to suit any machinery.

Top: Light-gauge film slit and rewound in 20 and 30mm tapes on a Bimec STS/85.

Middle and bottom: Mixed widths of paper: 10, 30 and 400mm (above) slit and rewound on a Bimec STM/43.

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