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Unilux Launch LED Strobes
14 December 2009
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Unilux show their new range of long-life LED strobes at Labelexpo and ICE.

The new range features:

  • No lamp replacements
  • Extremely uniform illumination
  • Perfectly suited for inspection of highly reflective coatings
  • Energy efficient, long lamp life and quiet operation

"LEDs are the wave of the future," said Michael P. Simonis, president, Unilux, "but they are not for every printing or labeling application. Their softer light makes them best-suited for inspecting labels and packaging with highly reflective coatings, foils or metallised substrates or on high-speed lines. Pulsed LED lights can replace strobes with Xenon lamps where inspectors sometimes need to dial down the intensity or use frosted glass to avoid harsh reflections. When combining pulsed LEDs with our unique reflector designs, Unilux can provide even illumination across the entire surface."

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