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Amcor Flexibles Choose Bimec Turret
19 May 2009
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Web Dynamics have recently installed and commissioned a TCA/64C turret slitter rewinder at Amcor Flexibles Australasia. Joining two existing Bimec duplex slitters at the Brisbane site, this machine represents a substantial boost to the site’s output and efficiency.

The Bimec TCA/64 runs a wide variety of products at its maximum speed of 700m/min.

The TCA’s turret design allows the machine to run almost continuously at high speed. During the 18 second indexing period, finished rolls are indexed, new cores are positioned, the web is cut and a new cycle begins.

Fully automatic tension systems precisely control all zones while programmable lay-on roll pressure ensures repeatable quality day after day.

Finished rolls are delivered to a scissor lift trolley for manual wrapping by the TCA’s semi-automatic unloading system.

The Bimec TCA/64 installed at Amcor features a maximum unwind diameter of 1000mm and maximum rewind diameter 610mm.

Designed for high-volume continuous productivity at speeds up to 700m/min, the TCA features:

  • Turret rewind shaft system for non-stop production
  • Automatic rewind unloading incorporating roll pusher, integrated rewind unloading tree and operator scissor lift
  • SICK safety laser rewind operator exclusion zone
  • IES pneumatic differential rewind shafts and laser beam core positioning for fast rewind setup
  • Touch screen control interface
  • Shaftless unwind

"With improved safety, quality and productivity, the Bimec has met and exceeded our expectations." Peter Blanch, Operations Manager.

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