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Beacon Handheld Strobe

Handheld Strobe

Go beyond the human eye's capability with the powerful Beacon. Its spotlight can illuminate a 1.25 metre target area from a distance of 5 metres, making it capable of looking across wide webs for minute details and miniscule defects.

Similar in size, weight and power consumption to the Miti-Lite, the Beacon's spotlight can direct 10 times more illumination to a specific location. The Beacon can be synchronised to still cameras and video recorders with zoom lenses through discreet signal triggers to record images for later study. It also is designed to pinpoint specific areas on rolls and rotating machine parts for diagnostics.

The Beacon's more powerful projection comes from a new lamp and reflector design to specifically focus more concentrated light over a longer distance. The Beacon can run for up to 14 minutes at full power or 28 minutes at half power on its rechargeable battery at trigger rates up to 18,000 flashes per minute.


  • Bright 5 digit LED display
  • 3 intensity settings
  • Readouts in flashes per minute or per second (RPM)
  • Battery or AC powered
  • 3 flash ranges covering 30 to 18000/min
  • Rugged ABS plastic body and long life lamp
  • Triggers from external video signal or contact closure


  • Video Trigger Cable
  • Contact Closure External Trigger Cable
  • Softpak Carry Case
  • Shipping Case
  • Carry Pouch with Shoulder Strap

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